Why Us?

Our staff is made up of industry experts from lab accreditation including consultants and assessors (auditors) who have performed over 250 accreditation audits to ISO 17025 and ISO 17020 in over 15 countries. Unlike many management systems consultants specializing in ISO 9001, we are specialists in 17025 and 17020.

Unfortunately consultants and ISO 9001 centric people write many of the templates in the marketplace. This usually deprives the company purchasing the manual with the necessary technical components. With ISO 17025, many miss the important components in Section 5 of the standard, particularly measurement uncertainty, proficiency testing and traceability. Section 4 is essentially ISO 9001, which is why so many ISO 9001 centric people can pretend to be experts. Not understanding the difference is where most companies make the critical mistake.

After pooling our expertise from our experience, we have designed the perfect quality manual template for companies to use. We are based in the United States, and can be easily contacted.


  • We ARE the experts for these standards. We write and update these templates and we know what the accreditation bodies are looking for!
  • Our manuals have notes and instructions explaining what the elements mean and how to tailor your quality manual.

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